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 Tapping into Manifestation

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Begin Magnetizing Your Dream Life


Create a new relationship with manifestation in just 5 days


The extent to which you don't have what you say you want tends to be the extent to which you're resisting it. 

So if your previous attempts at manifestation have been unsuccessful, it's likely for this one simple reason:

A part of you might actually be resisting having what you say you want. 

It sounds a little crazy, I know. But a lot of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs about ourselves tend to get stuck in our systems... And we can all be a little hard on ourselves sometimes. 

Many manifestation practices are missing a critical step that can have a huge impact on the outcome - clearing the blocks and barriers that you've unconsciously placed in the way of your desired outcome. 

Tapping is a simple but powerfully effective method of eliminating your barriers to success. 

And once those walls are down...

Your potential for manifestation is unlimited. 

 Join me  from September 25-29 to release your blocks and begin tapping into manifestation.


Tap Into Manifestation

Long-term Manifestation Skills

5 days of tapping to manifest your desires with clarity, and acquire a technique that will serve you throughout your lifetime.


Reframe Your Mindset

Discover the art of reframing your thoughts, setting the stage for a mindset primed for success, and new possibilities.


Harmonize Energy and Intention

Craft a routine that synchronizes tapping, intention-setting, and visualization, propelling you toward your goals with ease and certainty.


Brad Yates


If we've not met before - Hi, I'm Brad! For the past two decades, I've been helping people all over the world become healthier, happier versions of themselves through tapping.

Tapping helps us remove barriers so we can experience the life we were meant to live. So, for my (completely free) 5-Day live challenge this year, we'll get straight to Tapping into Manifestation.

"Brad Yates is a master teacher. He is a warm, loving, powerful, effective, transformative force for good. I totally endorse his work."

- Jack Canfield


"Brad Yates is one of my greatest tapping teachers. He is just an excellent human."

- Gabrielle Bernstein

"Brad has the easiest, friendliest, most articulate way of presenting EFT I've ever seen. It's simple, practical and fast. Plus, he's a hoot to work with!"

- Dr Joe Vitale