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Thank you for your interest in supporting the launch of Tapping into Network Marketing Success!  Here’s to helping a lot of people, and making some good money in the process of doing good. 🙂


You can see the sales page here: https://tapwithbrad.mykajabi.com/store/YcScHQkA

To sign up as an affiliate, please go here:



Upon signing up, you will see a list of shareable links.  The fifth one down is for TINMS.

The program uses a process called Tapping – based on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT):

  • evergreen – the month-long course starts whenever the program is purchased
  • videos to be dripped every day… addressing one blocking issue commonly experienced, i.e. “I hate selling”
  • include multiple Q&A recordings of webinars with Brad and Jessie

The program was run in August 2018 and here are some facts and statistics:

  • 600 sales
  • Estimated EPC $3 per click
  • Estimated conversion 5%
  • price US $167 (early bird $83.50)

Affiliate commission offered… 30% ($50.10) … or $25.05 on Early Bird sales.

To hear podcast interviews with Brad go here …  http://www.bradyates.net/media/media.html

For those of you offering a podcast, here are some sample emails:


SUBJECT LINE: Can Tapping On Acupressure Points Help Overcome Call Reluctance?

Hey ___,

Here is a podcast I did with EFT success coach Brad Yates


While Brad is not a Network Marketer himself, we talk about how he met Jessie Reimers , an NM based in Australia, and created this program using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) , a process of tapping on acupressure points to clear stress, fear  and other uncomfortable emotions – the kind that stop NMs from taking more successful actions.

Imagine yourself being completely free of Call Reluctance… in fact becoming eager to call.

Check this out:




SUBJECT LINE:  Australian Network Marketer Taps Her Way To Success…More Inside

Hey ___,

Here is a podcast I did with EFT Success Coach Brad Yates last week.


While Brad is not a Network Marketer  himself, he knows how to help NMs smash through the glass ceiling we all know about and are held down by – just by tapping on Acupressure points.

This is the exact same technique which Jessie Reimers, a top Australian NM, used to smash through “unsurmountable barriers” to success.

Check this out:



SUBJECT LINE: Tapping On Acupressure Points Solves Long Standing Problem

Hey ____,

Here is a podcast I did with EFT Success Coach Brad Yates this week.



When I started in business, I experienced all the fears of a newbie. Call reluctance… “what will my friends think”… “supposing I do not succeed…”

Luckily, I managed to smash through these through dogged persistence and effort.

Put your “dogged persistence” away… you don’t need it!

Here is how you can do the same in a much easier way. I wish I knew this when I started!




(just a few of the many enthusiastic responses we have received… )

“I have been with my company for 7 ½ years, love the company, Founders, corporate staff, my upline. I went fast in the beginning and then slowed down and then speeded up and then came to a very slow pace. I had foot surgery and was home bound for a while and lost my confidence and momentum. I have believed in EFT and taught it in classes and used it for pain relief with others and myself for 10 years, so when I saw Tapping into Network Marketing Success E-Course offered by Brad Yates, I was in. I took the program in May and the results are amazing. I have confidence and courage I haven’t ever experienced in this business before. I can’t say enough good things about what I received from the tapping. Every issue we as network marketers come up against, he covers. Like, Talking to friends and family, Not seeing results fast enough, Worrying about what others think, Attracting classes and other opportunities and 27 more issues I didn’t know I had.” – Darlene Stark Sapphire 25 Dist. Jeunesse Global


“This Tapping into Network Marketing Success E-Course offered by Brad Yates has been a game changer for me.This life changing e-course has helped me to clear away fears and blockages that have been holding me backfrom advancing in my network marketing business. I would recommend it to anyone who Is serious about advancing their direct marketing business to the next level and beyond.” – Kay Riley Jeunesse Global Independent Distributor


“Being part of Jessie and Brad’s course was a huge tool in me overcoming money & upper limit blocks. The daily practice of intention and EFT are two powerful tools for unearthing your true alignment. Jessie and Brad have provided practical tools and daily videos any entrepreneur can benefit from to grow their business, smash blocks and bring lasting clarity to their vision.” – Mish Pope, Coach and Diamond level network marketer

“This is a powerful transformative course. Authentic success is 100% reliant on correct mindset. Jessie and Brad tackle the mindset issues and blocks that can undermine our journey towards success at a root level.” – Ben Lee, Musician, Actor,Diamond level network marketer

“This course peeled a lot of layers of the onion and gave me incredible insights into the reasons for my blocks and the things that hold me back from being the freaking awesome individual I am! Thank you so much Brad and Jessie for the opportunity. I intend to continue my daily practise to crash through the barriers as they arise. I love that I can go back and access the videos whenever I want to.” Mary Vibert-Guigue

“I loved this course and although tapping was a complete new thing for me & it felt kind of strange I must say I was amazed at how it worked. I was so surprised at some of things that were blocks for me that I didn’t actually realize until completing this course. Love that I can return to the course anytime, anywhere and each session only takes about 10 mins. Thanks Jessie Reimers & Brad Yates” Danielle Maree Martin, Silver level network marketer

“I would like to personally thank Jessie and Brad for creating this incredible course. As an eft practitioner and doTERRA diamond leader I found this course so valuable. It is perfect for anyone in network marketing who is wanting to smash down their blocks, release their fears and get stuff done. Many of my team members also completed the course and raved about how much they loved it. I recommend this course to anyone in this industry especially is you feel stuck, doubt your ability or feel like something is holding you back. You won’t regret it!”- Amy Innes, EFT Practitioner, Health Coach, Diamond level network marketer


Sample video from ecourse: