An Exclusive Membership Designed To Change Your Life, One Tap At A Time

Break through limiting beliefs, regain your personal power and finally start living the dream life you want and deserve.

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Tap Your Way To The Life Of Your Dreams With Support & Guidance From  One Of The World’s Leading EFT Experts 

Advance is a weekly guided tapping experience that seeks to help you cultivate a prosperity mindset, break through barriers blocking you from success and create the life you want and deserve.

Each week, join tapping expert Brad Yates as he leads live tapping sessions that help you grow, learn and advance to a new level of being.

Through the power of tapping, Brad leads you on a therapeutic, healing and empowering 12 month journey of self-exploration, self-love and life-changing mindset shifts.


Changing Your Life One Tap At A Time

What would your life look like if you were living in alignment with the best version of yourself?

 Less stress? More happiness? Elevated confidence?

 Whatever your ‘best life’ looks like, the Advance membership helps you achieve it. 

 The powerful tapping techniques and topics that Brad teaches on a weekly basis take members through a comprehensive self-audit. And it’s through this audit that life really begins to change.

 Identifying limiting beliefs, working through blocks and identifying what you really want is just the start…

 You’ll learn the exact methods to become absolutely unstoppable in the pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself and finally start living the life of your dreams.

And in joining a community of like-minded people each week, you’ll gain the support you need to actually give yourself permission to start living with purpose.

Your Personal EFT Guide
To Your New Incredible Life

Brad’s much-watched YouTube channel is where you’ll normally find him tapping! And while many of his 200,000 subscribers share their stories in the comments of his videos, connecting one-on-one with people like you is his real passion.

In the Advance program, you’ll be able to join Brad LIVE for group sessions (with limited numbers) which allow him to work with you in a more direct and personal setting and answer questions that help members thrive through the program and beyond.

You will join together as a community each week, collectively tapping toward a greater level of self-awareness and self-confidence. This is a transformational program that will propel you into living your dream life. 

Brad's commitment to helping others through tapping culminates in this low-cost membership for your mind, body and soul.

For less than your average gym membership, you'll enjoy weekly sessions with a renowned tapping expert. 

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Only $57/Month

(plus get 2 months free when you pay yearly)

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Your Weekly Mind, Body and Soul Check-in...

In each session with Brad, you'll come together as a tapping community to: 

  • Elevate your energy and reboot for the week
  • Co-create a world in which you feel better, do better and live better
  • Tap on your individual challenges by requesting themes for Brad to tap on
  • Invite in more confidence and clarity so you can move toward your goals
  • Find peace, love and grounding¬†to fill your days with a sense of calm

Advance Gives You...

Live Weekly Tapping Session With Brad Yates

Nothing quite compares to the energy of these live calls that happen 48 weeks of the year... There’s something special about tapping together toward a common goal.

Previous Challenge Recordings

The Challenge recordings won’t be available for long- luckily your Advance membership gives you continued access.

Access To The Advance Tapping Member’s Area

You will be granted access to an active and exclusive Facebook group for Advance members only. 

Access To The Huge Library Of Tapping Resources

Your Advance membership comes with a massive collection of never-released tapping videos from Brad. 

Your Free Bonuses

Self-Discovery Workbooks

Brad has created a series of interactive workbooks to help guide you on the path to accessing your highest self.

($39 Value)

Guided Audio Sessions

You’ll receive access to an incredible catalogue of guided imagery audios on various topics to help you envision and manifest the life you want

($39 Value)

Guided Imagery

You’ll receive exclusive access to unlisted videos in YouTube covering topics like anger, creativity, money attraction, and more.

($39 Value)

The Complete Advance Offer Includes...

  • 48 Weekly Live Sessions ($2,750 Value)

  • Weekly Live Session Replays ($520 Value)

  • Access To Tapping With Brad Member's Area

  • Access To Tapping With Brad Resource Library ($1200 Value)

  • Access To The Private Advance¬†Community ($240 Value)

  • The Michelangelo Process + Habit Tracker ($39 Value)

  • Loving Yourself Guided Tapping Session¬†($39 Value)

  • Guided Imagery¬†($39 Value)

That's $4,827 Value For $57 Per Month*
(Or get a full 12 months for $570!


Join Now and Start Your Journey Toward Your Best Life

Only $57 per month

(Plus 2 months FREE when you pay yearly)

Join Advance Now

What People Are Saying About Brad

Kevin Troy

I was feeling very stuck before I started this, but I have completely flipped my fears and blocks on my head, and have achieved some massive wins that I set for myself when I first signed up for the mastermind.

Angela Anderson

When I started, I was coming from a place of feeling immense pressure and tightening, especially in my business.¬† Working in the mastermind has validated my feelings and helped me unwind, and create space for change and exploration of ‚Äėwhat‚Äôs next?‚Äô in a gentle, positive way.¬†

Pay Annually


(Only pay for 10 months)

  • Weekly live tapping sessions with Brad (48 sessions total)
  • Weekly Live Session Replays¬†
  • 12-Month Access To Tapping With Brad Member's Area¬†
  • 12-Month Access To Tapping With Brad Resource Library
  • 12-Month¬†Access To The Private Advance¬†Community¬†

Pay Monthly


(Monthly payment - no minimum term)

  • Weekly live tapping sessions with Brad
  • Weekly Live Session Replays¬†
  • Access To Tapping With Brad Member's Area¬†
  • Access To Tapping With Brad Resource Library
  • Access To The Private Advance¬†Community¬†