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What Would Life Look Like
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You are a magnificent child of the universe, capable of extraordinary things. It's just that you may have some old programming holding you back from the full expression of your potential. 

What is keeping you from living a life of health, wealth and happiness? How can you step into your highest self and begin to use your gifts and talents to make a difference in the world?

I am absolutely certain that you are capable of greatness, and it's my mission to help you get there. There just may be a few things we have to tap through so you can reveal the masterpiece inside. 

Often we don't realize how much of an effect our fears, anxieties, limiting beliefs, or traumas have on our ability to create a life of joyful abundance and purpose. Tapping is a powerful tool to help you break through these blocks and begin living the life you always imagined.

Wherever you are in your tapping journey, there's something here for you. I hope you will utilize any of these resources that call to you- and in my 22 years of guiding people through tapping I've created quite a few!

I like to say that no matter what issue or block you may be having, there's a tap for that! Your guide to greatness starts below.

Which Best Describes You...

Ready to dive in, but not sure where to begin? This section will give you a starting point based on your level of experience with me. If this doesn't provide you with the right starting point, keep scrolling to the next section and you'll find what you need.

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Self love is the foundation to living your dream life. Get started by tapping into your best self. 

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7 Ways You Can Tap With Brad

Whether you're looking for free tapping videos, self-guided programs, transformational live group tapping, or 1-1 sessions, there's something here that will change your life. 

1. Watch Tap with Brad Videos

I've been tapping on YouTube for almost 15 years and have 1,100+ videos, so if you have a specific topic you'd like to address... There's a tap for that! 

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2. The Free Beginner Program

Sign up for FREE and get immediate access to 5 days of tapping with Brad Yates to break free from the inner blocks that keep you from reaching magnificent success!

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3. 12-Week Transformational Program

Do you ever feel like you can only excel in a couple of areas of life at once? I believe living your best life means experiencing holistic excellence, so I created this self-guided flagship program to tap through every aspect of creating your best life.

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4. 1-1 Private Tapping Sessions

If you want a private, up close and personal (on Zoom) deep dive into a specific issue with yours truly, you can purchase a package of private sessions and we'll cover whatever you need to work through.

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5. Advance: Brad's Weekly Tapping Membership Program

Live group tapping sessions have a very special energy that can ignite a rapid collective transformation. My membership program includes a weekly live tapping session and lots of independent resources. Memberships only open twice a year, so click below to receive an email for access.

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6. Mastermind: Brad's Small Group Sessions

Despite being the most expensive program I offer, my small group masterminds fill up almost immediately every time I open them. They're a truly special balance of group energy and individual tapping. Sign up to be the first to hear when a spot opens up.

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