Do the world – and yourself – a favor! This is a great way to tap into prosperity!

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You can sign up to be an affiliate for my products - including live events - by clicking the link above.

Some of my products (as described below) are sold through Clickbank. Click HERE to become a Clickbank affiliate now. 

EFT is a remarkable tool, and offers the promise of incredible benefits to the world at large. I am committed to making it known and available to as many people as possible, and I have set up this affiliate program as a way to further encourage you to help accomplish this.

As an Affiliate, you won’t be promoting yet another eBook, which, as great as they may be, more often than not are read but not acted upon. This one gives folks the tools to overcome any resistance they might have to taking action on the information within it – especially with the help of the bonus audios. (You also make a commission on the sale of any of these unique products.)

Of course, since this work can greatly benefit anyone with whom you share it, doing a good deed might be considered its own reward. But, since the Universe is abundant, why not tap into this abundance? If the sales aspect makes you uncomfortable, it is possible you have limiting beliefs that are blocking your prosperity – those are tappable! Whether or not you wish to be an affiliate, do yourself and those around you a favor and clear those blockers. You deserve to prosper!

Earn up to 50% Commission per Sale!

All you have to do is sign up and give folks a link (on your website or in an e-mail) which will be provided to you upon signing up. When a visitor clicks on the link they will be directed to my website. Once the visitor purchases the eBook or any of the audios, you will be credited 50% of the total income (10% for live events and private sessions or my mastermind program). It’s very easy and, depending on the size of your mailing list, can be fairly profitable. (And even if they only make a small purchase, you’ve still done a good thing – and you can still reward yourself with, say, a movie rental, or some other little extra treat.) At the end of every month you will receive a check for the amount you have earned. Easy peasy. :)

Thank you for helping me share this work!


Please do not use an affiliate code to purchase programs for yourself - thank you.

Please understand that commissions will not be paid on purchases you make with your own affiliate link.


For a few programs, including Money Beyond Belief and Confidence Beyond Belief, I use Clickbank...


Become A ClickBank Affiliate Now

You will be directed to Clickbank and will be prompted to fill out a form stating who to make the check out to at the end of every month.


If you are already a Clickbank member simply use the following links in your website.

Replace “YOURUSERNAME” with your personal Clickbank username and you’ll be set to go:


Money Beyond Belief:

Confidence Beyond Belief:

Body Beyond Belief:

Love Your Body:

Example: If your Clickbank nickname is bob, your affiliate link would look like this:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How long does it take to get everything set up? It only takes a minute or two to fill in all of the information. It’s very easy and straightforward.

2. How much money should I expect to make? It depends on how much traffic you generate at your website or how well you promote the eBook or eSessions. I don’t know that you’ll make a living at it–but anything is possible. 

3. Does my website have to be related to EFT? No. It does help if your website is related, but it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is how you present the link on your website.

4. What if I don’t receive my check? You will be able to check your account status at at any time to see how much money you have made. If for some reason you don’t receive your check send me an email and I’ll help you out.

P.S. This has never happened.


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