Frequently Asked Questions

(And some that aren’t necessarily frequently asked, but are included because they could be useful.)

“Tapping looks silly – is there even any research showing that it works?”

Yes.  Although the anecdotal evidence that tapping provides numerous and fantastic benefits is quite abundant, it is also great that we have scientific evidence to back it up.  You can find much of it here.  

EFT has been endorsed by such respected scientists as Drs. William Tiller, Bruce Lipton, David Feinstein and Candace Pert (the research scientist who discovered endorphins).

“Who uses tapping…?”

Millions of people around the world from all walks of life have benefited from this process.  In my own practice, I’ve worked with CEO’s, award-winning actors, professional musicians (including rock stars), doctors, psychologists, professional and Olympic athletes, attorneys, teachers, authors, translators, students, clergymen and women, software engineers… well, you get the idea. :)

While some folks may feel that tapping might not be for them, I’m confident that this technique can benefit pretty much anyone.  If you haven’t already done so, I hope you’ll give it a try.

“How long will I have to tap before I get the results I’m looking for?”

I totally understand folks wanting to know the answer to this, but that question sometimes feels like asking a personal trainer – sight-unseen – how many sit-ups one will have to do before having an “abs of steel” six-pack. It depends on so many factors – how far you are from the goal, what limiting beliefs are in the way, etc. It could be a “one-minute wonder” shift, and it may take great persistence, although there will certainly be a number of positive changes along the way even before a set goal is reached. I believe that whatever you are wishing to transform in your life, it will take less time if you do this work. The question is, are you committed to making that change, or only if it can be done by a Friday?

Q. “Do you know how old I’ll be by the time I can play the piano if I start now?”
A. “The same age you’ll be even if you don’t start … but you won’t be able to play the piano.”

“How do I tap for {insert issue here}…?”

I know it can be frustrating wondering what to say while tapping. It’s over years of doing it that I have become more comfortable allowing the words to flow. And different practitioners will have different ideas about how tapping phrases should be worded.   If you are looking for ideas of how to use EFT for a particular situation (such as what set-up phrase to use), please check out either the recorded rounds of tapping on the “Products” page, or, for more individualized coaching, click on “Services” for how to work with me live in groups or one-on-one.

In the meantime… To me, the most important thing is to get started tapping, even if no words come to mind. You can repeat a word that represents the issue (stress, anger, frustration, etc.) or even hum a tune. In many of the e-mails I’ve gotten where someone is explaining what is bothering them, they could simply take the statements they write and add “Even though” at the beginning. Then rate that feeling on a scale of 0-10.

For instance, if your issue is,“I am constantly worrying about my brother,” that becomes the set-up phrase: “Even though I am constantly worrying about my brother, I choose to love and accept myself.” “This worry about my brother,” can be the reminder statement you use on each tapping point. If and when other words come to mind, go with it.

The more emotional the issue, though, the more strongly I encourage you to work with a professional. Some places are too dark to venture into alone.  (Suggestions about finding a practitioner are below.) 

“Do you have a video on {insert issue here}…?”

You can search my YouTube library by clicking here, then entering keywords in the search window about your desired subject, such as love, happiness, health, money, etc.  Maybe try different words.  Something useful is likely to come up – perhaps exactly what you are looking for.  :)

“Why do you always say, ‘You must take responsibility for your own well-being?'”

While tapping with the videos should be safe for the majority of people, I have no way of knowing what may be going on with a particular individual.  If you are in a particularly emotional place, it may not be the best time to go exploring your feelings on your own, and it might be better to have someone there for emotional support or, even better, to work with a professional one-on-one.

“How often/long can I/should I tap?”

I recommend doing at least a little tapping each day, even if it’s just a few minutes.  It’s energetic/emotional hygiene – a good daily maintenance thing to do.  Just as you bathe and brush your teeth on a daily basis – rather than waiting until the people around you are holding their noses and walking away – it’s a good idea to likewise keep your energy clean.  And I am not aware of any amount of time that is too much… but don’t spend so much time tapping that you have no time left to get out in the world and share your gifts…  

“Do I have to say it out loud?  Do I have to use the same words?”

We tend to be more emotionally engaged when we speak out loud, so that can contribute to the effectiveness of the process.  However, tapping can be very effective even when done silently, if need be.  And you are free to change the words as you see fit.  I follow my intuition to cover a variety of thoughts that might be involved in a particular issue, and many of them may not be applicable to your situation.  Since we are doing a clearing process, there should be no harm in repeating what I say, but if thoughts come to mind about what might be more specific for you, go with those instead.

“Should I mirror your tapping?”

Feel free to tap with your right hand, left hand or both.  I often tap with both hands at the same time, or switch back and forth.  Experiment and see what feels best for you.  And if you feel compelled to stay tapping on one point for awhile, go with that instinct.

“Should I focus on one topic each day, or can I tap on different issues?”

I generally suggest that people experiment and find what works best for them.  Perhaps spend a few days working on one topic, then try switching around.  It often happens that tapping on a “different” topic can give us greater clarity about the other topics.

“Why do you say negative things… shouldn’t I only think positive thoughts?”

While we can get some great benefits from tapping even if we only speak about the positive – saying affirmations, for instance – we can be more effective if we directly target what we want to remove.  What you resist tends to persist.  I know there is a lot out there about only thinking positively, and in general I agree with that.  But if you broke your arm, you wouldn’t insist to the doctor, “Let’s talk about my legs – they feel great!”  And if your dog left a “gift” for you on your carpet, you wouldn’t insist on just focusing on the parts of the room that are clean.  Because if you did – you are likely going to step in it and spread it around, making a bigger mess.  And, we are kidding ourselves if we insist that there isn’t a big part of our mind that is thinking about nothing but the mess.  This isn’t sitting there ruminating on the problem and reinforcing it – it is noticing it, cleaning it up, and then having the freedom to move on without being in denial, pretending the mess wasn’t there.

“But if I say the negative things, won’t I be creating them?”

With all the teachings about positive thinking, I understand why this would be a concern.  But we are saying these things while tapping – a cleaning process.  If you are mopping your kitchen floor, it is going to just keep getting cleaner, regardless of what you say.  And if you are talking about spilled coffee, when it is actually spilled milk, it’s still going to be getting cleaner.  However, feel free to change the wording as feels appropriate.

“I yawn when I tap – is that normal?”

Yes!  There are a number of physical signs that energy is shifting – yawning is the most common.  It’s a good thing.  It’s also not uncommon for other signs of physical release to happen, such as crying, sneezing, burping, etc.  But if you are uncomfortable with what is going on, trust your gut feeling and slow down – perhaps consult a professional.  BTW – if you aren’t experiencing any of these, it doesn’t mean the tapping isn’t working.  It may just be more subtle.

“Nothing seems to be happening – or things seem worse – what’s going on?”

Part of us resists change, and as we start trying to make change happen, that part might sound the alarm, and may block us from noticing any improvement, or may create challenging situations, in order to scare us off.  As if to say, “Now look what you’ve done.. stop messing with the status quo.”  Persistence should move you through this.  It may also be that you are just more aware of things that were already there, but you were avoiding them.  Imagine that you were going to clean your living room because you had company coming over.  It already looks pretty clean, but you decide to make it even cleaner… and in the process discover that there is dirt swept under the rug, and dirty laundry under the sofa.  It now seems dirtier than it had before, but it’s just that you are now more aware of what was already there – and now you can take action to have it really be clean.  But you must take responsibility for your own well-being – if you are uncomfortable with what is going on, trust your gut feeling and slow down – perhaps consult a professional.

“Is tapping along with videos sufficient?”

That depends on what is going on with you and what results you are looking for.  Many people get amazing results tapping along with a seven minute video.  For some, it will just help to take the edge off the discomfort so they can focus more easily on what they need to do.  And for some – or at some times – any results may seem imperceptible.  Working with a professional will almost always be the best option, but since that isn’t always feasible, I offer these videos with the hope that they will be beneficial.

“What do you mean by, ‘Self-sabotage is simply misguided self-love?'”

I believe that everything our mind does is designed to keep us safe, even if it doesn’t make logical sense to our conscious mind.  We engage in behavior and eat foods that we logically know are detrimental to our health and well-being, so why do we do them?  Because somewhere in the past we got the message that this will help us feel better or help us feel safe, and that the need for this outweighs whatever negative consequences might come from that behavior.  Even when we are doing things (or resisting doing things) that we can see are ruining our lives, something inside says, “Yes, but I’m convinced that the alternative would be worse.” That’s why I always encourage people to stop beating themselves up for their “imperfect” behavior – you aren’t being stupid, you are being a genius at protecting yourself… but generally based on misinformation.

This is why it is often more helpful to work with someone else rather than trying to come up with tapping phrases on our own – because part of us is committed to avoiding change, and will resist letting us consciously know what the key to making change would be.  It’s brilliant!  We are often too smart for our own good.  :)

“Are there any negative side effects from tapping?”

Well… maybe if you tap too hard…

I am personally unaware of anyone experiencing any serious negative side effects from tapping.  It is not unusual, though, for some physical and/or emotional discomfort to come up, as tapping can uncover deeper issues that were already present, but not in conscious awareness.  Continued tapping helps the healing process.  But different people require different care. I am not a doctor, and the information presented here is not intended to replace appropriate advice or treatment by a physician or mental health professional.  It is recommended that you consult a qualified health practitioner prior to using this technique.  While EFT has yielded impressive results in treating physical and psychological issues, not everyone will benefit in the same way.  EFT is still in the experimental stage and, while a growing number of PhD’s and MD’s are adopting it, we cannot claim that it is risk free.  That’s why you must take responsibility for your own well-being if you choose to tap.  While I’m confident that tapping can provide great benefits, I make no claims as to what, if any, benefits you will receive.

“I have trouble saying, ‘I love and accept myself…'”

Lots of folks feel this way. This is why I first started using the statement, “I CHOOSE to love and accept myself.” It states a desire to feel this, without insisting that the sentiment is already there. But if even this feels too difficult, please know that with my videos (or anyone else’s) you can substitute your own words at any time.  In the set-up phrase, you might try something such as, “Even though _____________, I choose to feel better…” or whatever you’d like to say. I hope this helps.

“I have heard it is bad/wrong to use EFT.”

As you might guess, I completely disagree, finding such warnings unfounded.  I’m unaware of any research that they are based on, making it opinion, not fact.  And although I have had quite a few people say they’ve been told it’s against their religion to tap, I know of no scripture that claims this.  I believe this comes from fear based on misunderstanding.  God created our body system, and we are using it to feel more peace and love – why would that be wrong?  I know a number of deeply religious people – including clergy – who use and endorse EFT.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own well-being, and need to decide what is right for you.  Get informed, and then, based on what you’ve seen and know, you are encouraged to make a decision you feel good about.

“Will you be speaking live anywhere?”

Any upcoming events will be listed on my Calendar page. And to be sure you know of anything I’m up to (or sometimes even just thinking about being up to) be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. And I am always open to invitations… 

I also often appear on radio shows and telesummits – those are announced in my newsletter and on FB/Twitter.

“Why is there a picture of a nude sculpture in your videos?”

Besides being my favorite piece of art, Michelangelo’s “David” serves as a perfect metaphor for the work I do. The master artist said of his sculptures that they were already there inside the stone… it was just his job to chip away what didn’t belong to reveal the magnificence inside. There is a masterpiece inside each of us as well, hidden beneath fear, shame, doubt, etc.  We are tapping away what doesn’t belong to reveal our best selves – the self that naturally makes the best choices and takes the best action.  I have David there as a reminder. 

“What’s with the blue wristband?”

Cultivate Peace (the blue wristband)/

“Who are the people in the photos behind you?”

Welcome to My Crib (viewer requested tour of my office) 

“I got your phone app, but there’s no sound.”

Thank you for your purchase.  Chances are that you have your phone set to ringer off.  While YouTube videos usually play sound even when the phone is on mute, videos played within this app cannot.  Unmuting your phone should do the trick.

“Where are the items I purchased?”

Thank you for your purchase.  All of my products are online and downloadable — nothing to be shipped — and you should have been automatically redirected to the download page — I apologize if that didn’t happen as it should have. Most of them should be found in your Library on this site, unless you purchased them prior to 2019.  If you purchased the program via ClickBank, please check the receipt you received from them – it will include the download link.  If you purchased through PayPal, and missed the redirect link, you will need to contact me. Please include the product name, purchase date and/or receipt number in your message, and someone will send you the link as soon as possible.

“Can you send me CDs or DVDs?”

At present, all of my products – with the exception of The Wizard’s Wish – are electronic for immediate download – I don’t have physical products to mail.  This makes it quicker for you and is easier on the planet.   :)

Once you have purchased an audio program, you are welcome to burn it to a CD, if that make it easier to use.

“I can’t (or don’t want to) use PayPal (or, depending on the product, Clickbank) – is there another way to pay?”

Yes – you can send a check or money order in US dollars, or use Western Union or Moneygram. Not as immediate – you’ll have to wait until I receive the money – but it’s another option.

“Why don’t you provide coaching by e-mail?”

Also known as, “Why can’t I write you a long e-mail telling you what is going on in my life and have you send me a response that will fix everything?” I don’t blame anyone for wanting that, and I wish I could do it – I really do. I do the work I do – including the YouTube videos (a free resource) – because I want to help as many people as possible make positive changes in their lives. But there is only so much time in the day, and like everyone else I have to make choices about how that time is best spent for the highest good of all concerned. And even if I didn’t receive too many requests to keep up with (and I do) my best work with a client happens in the live connection we make – and that can’t happen in an e-mail exchange. And… well, there are a number of reasons, but I won’t bore you with them all. Thank you for understanding.

If your situation feels like it requires more support than is provided in my products, I recommend you work personally with me or another practitioner (see the question below about practitioners). I understand that this may pose a financial challenge for you – this is part of the reason so many of us offer free resources such as YouTube videos. But I also know that the magic is in you, and no other person is required for you to succeed in life.

“I want to be a practitioner – do you have a certification program?”

I have often said, “I don’t teach EFT… I use EFT to teach.”     However, there are quite a few folks out there who are teaching it and offering certification. The places I generally recommend are:

You can also ask Google. ;)  Find out what you can about a program, and trust your gut feeling about which seems like a good fit for you.

“Can you recommend a practitioner?”

I may not be the right person for you to work with, but fortunately there are quite a few of us doing this work.  You can Google “EFT Practitioners”.  Find out what you can about a practitioner, and trust your gut feeling about who seems like a good fit for you.

“Re: JVs… Why won’t you send a solo e-mail about my product/book launch?”

I occasionally do joint ventures – for information on that, please click here.  However…

I have been on lists where I get so many e-mails about different products that I simply unsubscribe – I feel that I am just a number on that list. I want my subscribers to want to be on my list, and to feel that I respect them. Yes – I could build up my list by doing joint-venture deals that include solo e-mails – but then it becomes a numbers game – hoping I sign up more people than are unsubscribing because they are frustrated. A lot of people run their lists that way – and that is fine for them. It’s just not how I roll. 

 “I have other questions about EFT.”

If you have questions about Emotional Freedom Techniques, many of your questions can be answered on the “About EFT” page. For even more EFT information, including the free manual, training videos and numerous case studies on a variety of issues (probably even the one you are wondering about), visit the main EFT site here.

More to come… 


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