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Tapping into Greatness

When will you start allowing yourself to Tap into the Greatness that is your birthright...?

(I think now would be good...) ;)

Wallace D. Wattles' book The Science of Getting Rich is the classic Law of Attraction book that was the inspiration for the movie/book "The Secret," and has been referenced by many LOA teachers.

But that's not all he wrote...

An undersung personal growth classic, The Science of Being Great is Wallace D. Wattles' final word in self-mastery.

Meant to be used in conjunction with The Science of Getting Rich, this book is a summary of the wisdom that the author culled after studying the wisdom of the world's religious leaders and great philosophers.

Here he argues that the power of thought and positive self-esteem is the only true measure of a person's greatness.

As Wattles himself says: "This book is for the men and women, young or old, who wish to make the most of life by making the most of themselves.

"I have tried to show plainly, simply, and without unnecessary words, the way to power and capability; I know that the system herein set forth will work; it cannot fail.

"And I know that the men and women who practice these methods of action with sincere hearts will enter into the powerful life; they will be the children of the Highest, and stand among the great ones of the world."

You now have the chance to listen to this wisdom whenever and wherever you like.

But that's not all you get... ;)

Perhaps you might have some resistance to being great and information
about how to achieve it (and, let's face it... if you aren't already expressing
the greatness that is within you, it is probably safe to assume that some
resistance is there - no matter what logical explanations you might be able
to come up with...).

To clear that, I have included tapping rounds at each chapter addressing some of the resistance that might come up in response to the info in that chapter. The tapping rounds also involve you in actively voicing key concepts, helping you take the information in and learn it at a deeper level.

So, you can enjoy the powerful info of Wallace D. Wattles' classic conveniently in your car, on your computer or through your MP3 player... and immediately at the end of each chapter do some tapping to clear any pesky resistance as well as enhance your learning of the lessons.

And... you also get a bonus greatness-mindset guided imagery.


Be Magnificent!