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Tap into Your Unstoppable Self!

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You have greatness inside you... are you sharing it as fully as you'd like...?

Are you achieving all the things you dream of being, doing and having...?

Or, like so many others, do you find yourself getting stopped?

So often, we stop ourselves in such subtle ways that we don't even realize we are doing it... we just notice every so often that we aren't getting or doing all that we want to get and do.

It's not because there is something deficient about you, but rather because you have old programming that tells you it's not safe or acceptable to be, do or have more than what you already do.  And to keep you safely in your comfort zone, you stop yourself from moving forward.  It's actually kind of brilliant... but misguided.

Ready to knock that off...?  (Please and thank you!)

You have an internal system that experiences a stress response when you are about to cross a line - warning you not to step outside your comfort zone.  Tapping (AKA EFT) is a process that disrupts that stress response.  You then have the freedom to see whether there's any real threat.  As you clear those block, you become...


That Unstoppable self is there inside you - I hope you will allow me to help you set it free in this powerful win-win course.

It's a win-win because the profits from this program go to support four amazing programs:  

The Unstoppable Foundation

Mind Heart Connect

Create Global Healing

The Peaceful Heart Network

Of course, as you become more unstoppable... and the folks you are supporting become more unstoppable... the world will get to benefit in multiple ways.  So, it's actually win-win-win!

The course consists of eight powerful one-hour sessions in which I will ask you to bring to mind what stops you from being, doing and having what you want.  You will then tap along as I work with different participants on what stops them.  Because of a phenomenon we call Borrowing Benefits, you will be clearing your own blocks as you tap along, even if what we are working on doesn't seem like your specific blocks.  And you will be able to go through this powerful process as many times as you like.  

The potential value of this course is invaluable - there's no way to measure what you can achieve as you allow yourself to become unstoppable.  Because I want as many people as possible to be able to benefit from this program - and to support these amazing foundations - I have set multiple contribution levels.  While I am confident you can get more than your money's worth at even the highest options, standard registration for my four-hour courses is normally at least $47... and this is eight hours. ;)  Whichever donation amount you choose, you get full access to the program.  I ask that you please be as generous as you can. 

100% of the profits from this course will go to these foundations. 

Thank you for helping to make the great work of these programs possible, while also helping yourself become the sort of person who achieves more.  You are helping to empower others as you empower yourself. How awesome is that...?! :)

I look forward to tapping with you soon.

Be Magnificent!


See my interview with Cynthia Kersey - Founder of the Unstoppable Foundation: 

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