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Private Sessions

The most powerful way to work with me is by doing one-on-one private coaching.  I am committed to supporting you in moving powerfully forward - cultivating your best self and creating the best life possible.

For profound advancement, I invite you to join me for a one-year coaching program called: Your Year of Transformation

This includes:

  • Two one-hour sessions each month
  • A four-hour deep dive session each quarter*
  • Access to all of my online recorded programs

Consider the possibilities of making this kind of consistent movement towards becoming your best self and this level of commitment to creating your best life.

 * This is one suggested agenda. There is flexibility in how we schedule the included 40 hours of coaching.

If you don't feel ready to make this commitment at this time, but would still like to work with me, I request a minimum commitment of one month (four one-hour sessions). 

If you have any questions or would like to request a 10-minute discovery call prior to booking a session, please write to [email protected] 

Private session packages are non-refundable.

You may also be interested in one of my group coaching programs: the Tap into Success Mastermind and Advance!

When asked how he produced such marvelous sculptures, Michelangelo responded that he saw the subjects already there – perfect – inside the marble, and that he then just chipped away all the stone that didn’t belong, revealing the masterpiece within.

During our transformational work together, you will likewise acknowledge the masterpiece that is already inside you, and clear away the stuff that doesn’t belong.

Success and happiness are your true nature. As you reveal the real you, as you allow yourself to believe in yourself and what you are capable of, you naturally think and perform more successfully – and live more joyfully.


What do you want to make happen in your life...?

Whether the successes you want to achieve are personal or professional… physical or financial…Whether you want to change the world or simply be happier (which, I believe, changes the world)…the person who can do it is already inside of you. 
Let me help you set that person free.  If you are committed to moving powerfully forward, here are the ways we can work together