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Tapping into Riches

When will you start allowing yourself to Tap into the Riches you deserve...?

(I think now would be good...) ;)

Chances are you've heard of the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. It's the classic Law of Attraction book that was the inspiration for the movie/book "The Secret," and has been referenced by many LOA teachers.

Maybe you've even read it.

But... if so... did you allow yourself to act on Wattles' wisdom...?

If not, and you are not experiencing the abundance the book suggests is your birthright, it is likely that part of you was resistant to the information in the book.

Even though consciously you might have been thinking, "Yeah - this is great!"... part of you was saying, "But let's make sure it doesn't ever happen..."

It's not that there's something wrong with you - you've simply been programmed to have this resistance - believing at some level that it is there to protect you in some way.

Not wrong... but not necessarily right, either. Perhaps it's time to choose the thoughts that truly enhance your life...

If you have not read SOGR, and if you, like me, enjoy audio books, I'm confident you will enjoy this version that I have recorded for you. (And if you also want to be able to read the text, there is also a PDF included.)

But that's not all you get... ;)

Perhaps you might have some of that resistance to riches and information about how to attain them (and, let's face it... if you aren't already enjoying the prosperity you'd like to have, it is probably safe to assume that some resistance is there - no matter what logical explanations you might be able to come up with...).

To clear that, I have included tapping rounds at each chapter addressing some of the resistance that might come up in response to the info in that chapter. The tapping rounds also involve you actively voicing key concepts, helping you take the information in and learn it at a deeper level.

So, you can enjoy the powerful info of Wallace D. Wattles' classic conveniently in your car, on your computer or through your MP3 player... and immediately at the end of each chapter do some tapping to clear any pesky resistance as well as enhance your learning of the lessons.

And that's still not all you get...

Another classic book on the subject of allowing wealth is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

It's also another book that can bring up some of that wealth resistance.

As a bonus, I am including 8 hours of recordings on clearing that resistance. I took two groups of folks through the book over the course of a month, reading a few chapters each week. At the end of each week, we met to tap out any old limiting beliefs that could get in the way of making the most of the book's teachings. I'm confident you will find these calls very empowering (even if you don't read the book.)

And... you also get a bonus abundance-mindset guided imagery on Unlimited Resources.

All this for only $47.


Be Magnificent!