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Tap into Your Best Self - San Diego Workshop


Become the Person You Wish to Be…
Create the Life You Wish to Live!
A Live & In-Person Tapping Event with Brad Yates

Whether the successes you currently want to achieve are personal or professional… physical or financial…

Whether you want to change the world or simply be happier (which, I believe, changes the world)…

…the person who can do it is already inside of you.

Let me help you set that person free!

If you are ready to start living the life you really want (or are at least willing to be ready…) then I encourage you to join me for this life-changing event:

Tap into Your Best Self

June 15, 2024 7-9pm

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Diego - Mission Valley

What do you want from life...?

· More fulfilling relationships...?
· Better performance (career, sports, academics...)...?
· Improved health...? 
· More money...? 
· Greater spiritual connection...?
· More peace and happiness...?

Who would you need to be to make that happen...?

When asked how he produced such marvelous sculptures,
Michelangelo responded that he saw the subjects already 
there - perfect - inside the marble, and that he then just 
chipped away all the stone that didn't belong, revealing 
the masterpiece within.

During this transformational workshop, you will likewise 
acknowledge the masterpiece that is already inside you 
and clear away the stuff that doesn't belong.

Success, health and happiness are your true nature. As you 
reveal the real you - as you allow yourself to believe in yourself 
and what you are capable of - you naturally think and perform 
more successfully.

Perhaps it's time for you to feel better, do better and live better. 

Time to...

Tap into Your Best Self

If you are ready to start living the life you really want 
(or are at least willing to be ready...) then I encourage 
you to join me for this life-changing event! 

The potential value is incalculable, but the fee for this 
life-changing event is only $97.

Register today and save $20 with early-bird pricing!

To maximize the experience, I am keeping the seating limited. 
The event will not be recorded or live-streamed. I want to create 
an environment where folks feel as safe as possible to participate.
If you want to experience this event, you'll need to be there. ;)

Space is limited - register today! 

Registration fees are non-refundable, but they may be transferred.

But wait... there's more! In order to help you prepare
for the event - and to support you afterwards - I am including a
bonus package of my material which, if purchased individually,
 would cost more than the workshop registration fee...!  Get started with it today.

Ready to join me? 

Registration implies agreement with this waiver.

I can't tell you exactly what we will specifically cover during the 
event, because it will be tailored to the folks who are there. 
What I can promise is that I will give you the best I have to offer, 
so as to support you in discovering - and sharing - the best in you.

With over 1000 videos on YouTube, you could already spend a 
week tapping with me... but there's additional 
power and magic in a live event.

If you like my videos, I'm confident you'll love this event.

If you love the videos... why aren't you already signed up...? ;)

Because each group is unique, each event will be unique. 
You may even want to come to more than one... ;)

Note: This isn't a class on how to do EFT - per se - just like going 
to an Eric Clapton concert isn't a workshop on playing the guitar. 
The guitar is the instrument Eric uses to create a positive experience
for people... EFT is mine. (Now, I'm not saying claiming to be the 
Eric Clapton of EFT - just needed an example that most folks could 
relate to...)

Of course... if you are a guitar player, you can learn a lot from watching Eric play. If you are an EFT practitioner, I hope you might pick up a thing or two as well - beyond the clearing you'll experience.

While there isn't a set agenda of content to be delivered, here's 
more on where I'm coming from with the tapping we'll be doing.

Where do you want to succeed?

If there's something you want, but can't seem to get, why not...?

You've no doubt heard it said many times before...

If you always do what you've always done, 
you'll always get what you've always gotten.

In order to get different results, you need to do different things - 
or, in some cases, do things differently.

But let's face it, trying to change what you do without changing 
how you see yourself is difficult, if not impossible. 80-90% of 
our behavior is unconscious. If you are not seeing yourself as 
successful, you will not naturally take successful action. You can 
try to consciously compel yourself to do something not congruent 
with your self-identity... but only 10-20% of the time. Then you'll 
go back to your old ways of thinking and feeling, which lead to 
your old actions, which lead to the same old results.

Perhaps you know what I'm talking about...?

If you are tired of it being a struggle to do the things it takes to 
get what you want... you'll want to be at this event.

Whether it's exercising, making sales calls, managing your 
finances... if it doesn't fit who you think you are, if it is 
something you hate doing but feel you have to, it will always 
be a chore - if it gets done at all.

You will never outperform your self-image. So... it's time 
to see yourself as someone who can achieve success!

What you currently have is indicative of how you are currently 
seeing yourself. If the gap between what you have and what you 
want is uncomfortable, you can change your desires to match 
what you are already experiencing, or... you can decide you can 
be, do and have more.

Too many people resign themselves to, "That's just the way I am."

Join me for an evening of shifting your perception of who you really are 
and what you can really achieve - and cultivating the freedom to 
achieve success beyond what you currently believe is possible.

"Brad Yates is a master teacher. He is a warm, loving, 
powerful, effective, transformative force for good. 
I totally endorse his work."
 - Jack Canfield

Being, Doing and Having

In order to have what you want, you need to do certain things... 
and in order to consistently (and joyfully) do those certain things, 
you need to see yourself as being a certain kind of person.

Using powerful tools - primarily EFT/Tapping and Guided Imagery - we will
clear out what stops you from enjoying the life you deserve. 
These are the tools I have used to help tons of people - myself 
included - make profound positive changes in their lives.


Who do you need to be to do what you want to do and have what 
you want to have? What qualities do you fear that you lack? And 
is there perhaps a smidgen of doubt that you are worthy and 
deserving of the life you desire...? We'll eliminate the blocks to 
seeing yourself as magnificent!

So, basically, we will transform what you see showing up in your 
life - personally and professionally - by transforming what you see 
in yourself.

When you authentically see yourself as capable of and deserving 
of success, successful actions feel like "want to's" rather than 
"have to's" - and you will find yourself naturally taking them!

It's time to see yourself as successful - and to know that it is 
absolutely okay for you to be successful! It is your birthright!

The truth is, you have a natural tendency towards success. It's 
in there. As Mufasta tells Simba in the Lion King

"You are more than what you have become."

In this day-long interactive workshop, you will get clearer 
than you have ever been about who you wish to be... and clear
out the thoughts and feelings that might stop you from 
believing yourself to be the person who can create the 
magnificently joyful and successful life you deserve!

Part of you may be saying at this point, 
"I can't see myself as 
successful, Brad - there's too much evidence to the contrary!"

Evidence-schmevidence! Whether you are looking at the numbers 
in your bank account, or the numbers on your bathroom scale, 
your circumstances don't define you. Rather, your circumstances 
have been created by how you've been identifying yourself. 

A particular event oughtta help clear that up... ;)

Ultimately, it's all about Being - but we address Having and Doing 
because what we are currently having and doing - or not having or 
doing - are key indicators of who and what we are being.


What actions could you be taking to get what you want? What 
stops you from taking these actions? We'll clear those barriers 
so that taking positive action feels natural.

As Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can, or you think 
you can't, you are usually right."

Join us at this event to cultivate a powerful 
"Can Do" attitude!

We'll also address the counterproductive side of Doing... doing 
those things we wish we didn't do. We'll look at why - and clear 
those reasons. Emotional freedom is the freedom to make better


What do you want? The extent to which you are not experiencing 
something you say you want is the extent to which you are, at 
some level, resisting it. We will address the reasons for this 
resistance and wipe it out.

And, yes, we will be talking about money, too.* It isn't everything, 
as they say - but it is important. And the ways in which we block 
money are often very much interrelated with how we block ourselves 
in other aspects of our lives.

But you need to take the first action of getting yourself there.
Decide right now to become the person who does what it takes to
create the magnificent life you deserve! 

If you are not already familiar with my work or EFT/tapping, I do 
encourage you to check out a video or two before registering...
and please don't drag someone along intending to surprise them.
But if you do enjoy this kind of energy work - and if you like being 
around people intent on changing their lives (and the world) for the 
better - then I am confident you will truly enjoy this event, as well
as find it life-changing!

We’ll tap, we'll laugh, we may cry, and we will create a space of 
magnificent energy wherein breakthroughs will occur. Join us!

Registration implies agreement with this waiver.

I won't just be teaching you stuff you'll hopefully use later... 
the changes happen then and there in the room. There's 
magic that happens in a live workshop like this - and you 
will take steps you may not be likely to do on your own 
(when your unconscious mind has room to come up with 
excuses...). This will be experiential and interactive - it won't 
be a "sit in the back and watch" thing. I can't change you, only 
you can do that. But don't let that scare you. As your guide, 
I promise to make it as fun and painless as possible, so that 
you are compelled to make it as powerful as possible. 


We will be using Emotional Freedom Techniques and guided 
imagery - and as safe as these are, I must ask participants 
to take full responsibility for their own well-being.
Your registration implies agreement with this waiver. If you 
are registering guests, it will be your responsibility to have 
them do the same - thank you.

Questions? Contact Brad

*More about money... :)

I've been asked many times if I can do a tapping video on 
winning the lottery. And while winning the lottery is fine, the 
suggestion that you would need to do so to become rich suggests 
a doubt that you have what it takes to become wealthy through 
your own abilities.

And if you don't have those wealthy thoughts, even if you did 
win, you'll be like the majority of lottery winners and you won't 
be able to keep the wealth. (Many end up worse off than before...!)

And if you do have those wealthy thoughts... you won't need 
to win the lottery. ;)

This is the case with any area of your life where you wish to 
have greater success - the mindset is crucial. You need to reset 
your success thermostat - after which successful actions become
natural rather than forced.

Those wealthy and successful thoughts can be cultivated. Or, 
perhaps, merely uncovered... we just need to clear out the 
limiting thoughts that get in the way.

You have greatness inside of you... my job is to help you bring 
it out - for your benefit, and the benefit of the world at large.

Nothing is too good for you. Come join us and allow yourself to really accept that fact.

Comments from past workshop participants:
"OMG. Hello! Changes here they come! Wow! I feel invincible for the most part. Ready. Happy. Not afraid. Busting through to the other side. Whew. I can't say exactly what piece did it, but I just feel freer. Confident. I especially loved all the visualizations and hypnosis combo thing you did too. Awesome!!"

"Gratitude emanates from every pore of me. I leave here so excited!"

"I love your genuine nature."

"Awesome, magnificent teacher!"

"This workshop was so fantastic! I feel so much better about some things that have been bothering me for decades. Brad, you are one of the great healers and guides I've had in my life. Thank you!"

"Very awesome weekend of training. Well worth the long trip to get here. So uplifting. Much clearing and love."

"Brad - you have been an inspiration to me, and I am very grateful. Thank you!"
"Thank you, Brad, for a life changing weekend seminar. I can definitely say it was worth the 22 hour flight to get here." [Came from South Africa for the workshop...!]

"I love the way you share your energy and the continued tapping kept on moving thru everything for everyone. You filled every moment. I love our humor! Thank you so much for all - I feel very validated."

"Loved it! Thanks so much!"

"I really appreciate your warmth and generosity of spirit. Thank you for sharing your gifts."

"You make releasing so much fun! I so appreciate your light-hearted, engaging and entertaining style of facilitating. It was so easy to spend the weekend tapping with you. Thank you for all your support to be my best."

"Since the event, I've had a feeling that a part of me that's been empty (for as long as I can remember) is now filled. Not sure how to else to describe it. Every time I think about it, it brings tears, but they're good (happy) tears."

"Thanks, Brad, for a powerful weekend. I seem to naturally have a running judgment going on with presenters, noticing where my arrogant-self thinks I could do it better, or, at least, where you/they could've/
should've done better. And that never happened during this weekend. Thank you!"

You were perfect!! (Yes, you were!) It was so good to meet you and to see you in action - both when you were being funny and when you were being so loving and compassionate and healing people over and over. Just incredible. And then the rounds you did at the end were wonderful to get us psyched up for coming back to the 'real' world... Brad, I can't thank you enough and I am so pleased I went." [Came from Spain for this event...!]

"You are a blessing to those who open their lives to you. Thank you!"
"You are awesome, amazing and magnificent!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"It was wonderful!!!!"

"I got so much out of this - so much more than I thought I would."

"Brad - as the saying goes, you are the genuine article. You have a gift - thank you for sharing that gift with us and the world."

"I loved your humor. I loved the genuine way you present everything. You are clearly "tapped in" to the energy of everyone who is attending."

"It was Awesome Beyond Belief!"

"I really appreciate the comparatively low cost for such a wonderful workshop. Thank you."
"The relaxed informal environment is perfect, and refreshingly different from so many other seminars."

"How blessed I am to have attended this workshop. Despite the numerous workshops I've been to, this one not only exceeded my hopes and expectations, but Brad was SO authentic, kept everything on track and helped ALL of us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU! I enjoyed your workshop thoroughly."

"This weekend has been incredible!"

"I had very high expectations - and they were exceeded!"

"Your energy, enthusiasm and love are magnificently infectious. "

"Thank you is such a small word for such a big feeling."

"I felt very taken care of - you did such a good job crating a safe space so a shift can happen. "

"It was awesome and so are you, Brad!"

"Your heart and ability to work with the audience and one on one is truly healing. Please do more of these - I'm on board!"

"I have had the opportunity to experience many powerful, transformational workshops over the years, and I can honestly say that, in my life, this has been the most wonderful life-changing weekend I have ever experienced. We love you, Brad - you ROCK!"

"I experienced so much more than I expected."

"I loved all of it - thank you so much!"

"Brad's seminar is fantastic! I walked to feeling empowered and I could literally feel my vibration being heightened. If you're looking for an EFT guru, look no further. Brad is THE ONE!!!"* (Note: I don't consider myself a guru - but appreciated the sentiment, and chose not to edit folks' comments) 

"Fantastic! Brad is so skilled at helping people uncover and release what holds them back from fully experiencing the majesticness that life offers, and that few are able to tap into because of fears and beliefs that have limited them."

"Wow! What an amazing weekend of transformation and co-creating with angels in human form! Because of you being the ring leader :), it all happened & people's lives shifted. Thank you, thank you! I'm sure your ears were burning Sunday evening at about 10:00 when all of us were gathered discussing how different this seminar was than any other many had attended. I have new best friends! The safe, warm, environment that was created by you, made it all possible. You have a magnificent gift of saying just the right thing to the right person, at the right time! "

" I was very impressed by your authenticity and sensitivity. You provided a safe haven for all of us."

"I thought your workshop was PERFECT the way it was and I was so happy to be a part of it. Thank you for having me. You are a "HERO"... a true blessing to this planet and I for one am so thankful you are doing your work on this planet. THANK YOU SO MUCH! "

"Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Did I say how much I thank you for this workshop? Even though I've been tapping for over 11 years and got all the levels of certification and have taught EFT classes and teleclasses, there was still a huge area I hadn't tackled -- success -- more specifically fear of success. I received major clearings, healings and insights and AHA moments because several others brought up the exact issues I was hoping to resolve."
"You are awesome and magnificent! And I am now more aware that so am I!"

"I want you to know how much I enjoyed the weekend and how grateful I am to you for your skill, humor, insight and compassion. I thought you were a terrific leader and it is so inspiring to see someone living their passion and passing it on to others. I hope you will do many more weekend workshops in the future! Tapping this morning seemed like second nature, thank you for that. I wish you all the best." 

"Thanks for an amazing weekend. I'm so happy that you did a weekend workshop - so many people love and appreciate you! I do!"

"You are clearly a natural at serving, giving, and being on stage in front of groups. I found myself not wanting to miss a single moment in the event it was so fun and inspiring. Thanks again!"

"Your first weekend event was off the charts FABULOUS, and I'm so blessed to have been a part of it! What a rare gem of a human being you are, Brad. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us: keen awareness, poignant truthfulness, skillful guidance, and good-hearted playfulness. I feel your humorous and entertaining nature is an important part of the transformative work you do, and really made the weekend very special for me. That, along with your willingness to show your vulnerability with us...another one your valuable assets. What a joyful, rich and alive weekend it was!" 

"The language of profound and empowering wisdom that you speak so fluently---was/is so deeply affirming to my heart and soul. I feel uplifted, supported and re-inspired, and you have raised the bar for me on what it means to have courage to be myself in the world. This is the kind of pivotal clearing and positive reinforcement that I needed at this time in my life and I'm very grateful to you."

"I just want to say thank you from the deepest part of my heart for this last weekend. I feel I made more progress in the one weekend than I have in the last 5 years. Your workshop was a huge success!!"