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Fearless Acting - The eCourse

Would you like greater freedom to make bolder choices in your art and your career…?

Yeah… thought so. ;)

The person who can do this is inside of you. And like the masterpieces that Michelangelo set free from the marble, your best self can be set free from the thoughts, beliefs, and fears that have kept you playing smaller than you could.

Brad Yates - internationally known for his use of EFT/Tapping - has teamed up with working actor and respected acting teacher Dena Tyler to create an ecourse to help you literally tap into your most creative and successful self!

Each day for a month, you will receive a new video from Brad, taking you through the tapping process to clear the biggest stumbling blocks encountered by most actors.  As the month progresses, you will experience life- and business-enhancing shifts!  Videos cover such subjects as Not Feeling Qualified, Not Feeling Deserving, Worrying About What Others Think,  Fear of Being Visible, Dealing with Disappointment & MUCH MORE! (List created by Dena based on her experience and the experiences of numerous others she’s worked with.)

Here’s what you get:

  • 31 short EFT/Tapping videos (~10 min.) + some bonus videos! 
  • Weekly Q&A teleclasses with Brad and Dena (including bonus tapping rounds!) 
  • Permanent access to all the material, so you can go back and use the tapping videos to continue enhancing your success mindset and your freedom to succeed!

A similar ecourse of Brad's goes for only $167 USD.  But in a discussion about this program with a well-known actor, he generously offered a "scholarship" to make this ecourse possible for a greater number of actors.  So...

You get all of this for only $57 USD!


If you are ready to live and perform in a bolder way, join us!