Clear Your Inner Blocks & Tap Into Your Best Life In Just 12 Weeks

Gain clarity on what you want and chart a course to get there by identifying and releasing subconscious blocks, cultivating a mindset of self-belief and boosting your ability to access greatness in just 12 weeks.

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Finally Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams With Support & Guidance From  One Of The World’s Leading EFT Experts 

Tap Into Your Best Life is a 12 week guided tapping experience that seeks to help you cultivate a prosperity mindset, break through barriers blocking you from success and create the life you want and deserve.

Join much-loved tapping expert Brad Yates on this self-guided course as he leads tapping sessions that help you grow, learn and advance to a new level of being.

Through the power of tapping, Brad leads you on an empowering 12-week journey to identify and release the blocks holding you back from living your best life, and gives you the motivation and plan to make it happen.

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Transforming Your Life One Tap At A Time

What would your life look like if you were living in alignment with the best version of yourself?

 Less stress? More happiness? Elevated confidence?

 Whatever your ‘best life’ looks like, the Tap Into Your Best Life helps you achieve it. 

 The powerful tapping techniques and topics that Brad teaches on a weekly basis take members through a comprehensive self-audit. And it’s through this audit that life really begins to change.

 Identifying limiting beliefs, working through blocks and identifying what you really want is just the start…

 You’ll learn the exact methods to become absolutely unstoppable in the pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself and finally start living the life of your dreams.

And in joining a community of like-minded people each week, you’ll gain the support you need to actually give yourself permission to start living with purpose.

Tap Into Your Best Life Now

The Science-Backed Way To Change Your Life For The Better

Tapping is a well-researched technique that is used by millions of people around the world to physically, energetically and emotionally process emotions, fear and trauma that keep people from moving forward. 

EFT combines the ancient wisdom of energy meridians throughout the body used in acupuncture and acupressure with talking through the feelings and fears that come up to release buried and stagnant energy that is blocking your path to success.

Scientific studies have proven that this technique, even over a short period of time, has positive effects on stress levels similar to long-term meditation or yoga practices. While any processing of emotion and fear can come with a bit of heaviness, Brad’s approach to releasing what holds you back is steeped in compassion and humor. 

His intention is that you move into your best life without the “change is pain” mentality, allowing you to seamlessly release everything holding you back from your best life and tap into your dreams.

Get Your Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Finally Start Living the Life You Want & Deserve


 Tap into Your Best Life includes 12 weeks of videos that help you tap through your blocks and motivate you to begin living the life of your dreams, PLUS journals, affirmations, action plans, and more.

The value of this program is $893 but because Brad's mission is to make his life-changing work accessible to all, it's priced at just $297.

Begin Tapping Into Your Best Life Now

Your Personal EFT Guide To Your New Incredible Life

Brad’s much-watched YouTube channel is where you’ll normally find him tapping! And while his 200,000+ subscribers and thousands of comments are a testament to the life-changing benefits of his unique approach to tapping, he wanted to create something even more impactful: a complete, holistic guide to leveling up in every single aspect of your life.

Tap Into Your Best Life includes 12 weeks of tapping into, you guessed it, your very best life... ALL aspects of it. Throughout this program you will identify your resistance to accelerating your relationships, career, personal development, higher connection- just to name a few!

You'll receive all the tools you need to succeed: tapping videos, a guided journal, printable affirmation cards, action items, weekly checklists, and more.

And then you'll tap right through that resistance and into motivation to do the things you need to do to live your best life.


What You’ll Learn Over 12 Weeks...

  • Tapping Techniques & EFT Skills To Last A Lifetime.

  •  Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Releasing Blocks

  •  Letting Go of Toxic Habits & Breaking Negative Cycles

  •  Cultivating Self-Love and Elevating Self-Confidence

  •  Creating a Mindset of Wealth, Health, Happiness & Abundance

The Complete Tap Into Your Best Life Offer Includes...

  • 12 Weeks of Self-Guided Tapping Sessions for Every Aspect of Your Life ($540 Value)
  • Course Guide & Transformational Journal ($97 Value)
  • Your Best Life Action Plan  ($47 Value)
  • Tapping Scripts & Write Your Own Script Guide ($47 Value)
  • Weekly Schedule & Checklist to Help You Stay on Track 

PLUS Six Limited-Time Bonuses to Enhance Your Life

  • Habit Tracker ($17 Value)
  • 15 Printable Brad Yates Affirmation Cards ($37 value)
  • The Michelangelo Process Guide & Worksheet ($37 Value)
  • Life Worksheet ($17 Value)
  • Tapping Points Printable Wall Poster ($17 Value)
  • Tapping Meditation Music & Visuals ($37 Value)

That's $893 Value For Only $297!


Start Living My Best Life Now


How The Program Works...


Are you ready to begin living the life of your dreams, but don’t know where to start? Brad’s approach to tapping helps you find and release blocks that are holding you back before creating the motivation you need to plan and execute your next steps.. In ALL aspects of your life.


Step One: Identify & Release Your Limiting Blocks

You are likely (and obviously unintentionally) the largest obstacle to living your best life. Throughout this course you will take a deep dive into your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and actions and tap through your resistance to living your dream life.


Step Two: Enhance Motivation

Once you’ve removed those pesky blocks and cleared the slate for amazing things to come, you’ll be guided through the next big steps: outlining what you need to do and tapping into motivation to make it happen.


Step Three: Systematically Address Underlying Challenges In All Aspects of Your Life

Each week, you’ll tackle a different component of your life, ensuring that your success is multi-faceted and elevating every part of your life.


Step Four: Set You Up For Life-Long success

And then we’ll make sure you have the tools, plan, and tapping you need to continue growing your best life well into your magnificent future. 



Your Free Bonuses

The Michelangelo Process

Brad’s signature tapping process helps you reveal the masterpiece that has been hiding within you all this time.

($37 Value)

Habit Tracker

Use your habit tracker to stay on track during the Best Life course and beyond. 

($17 Value)

Best Life Affirmations

These printable Best Life affirmation cards can be used to give you an extra boost when you most need it. Plus, there’s a printer-friendly version too to save your ink!

($37 Value)

Life Enhancement Activity

A quick exercise worksheet to help you feel better quickly, whenever and wherever you are. 

($17 Value)

Tapping Wall Poster

This printable wall poster provides a quick reference guide to your tapping points and acts as a reminder to tap when you see it.

($17 Value)

Tapping Meditation Music

If you’re looking to do a little independent tapping, this audio-visual experience sets the perfect tone.

($37 Value)

What You'll Learn In 12 Weeks...

What People Are Saying About Brad

Kevin Troy

I was feeling very stuck before I started this, but I have completely flipped my fears and blocks on their head, and have achieved some massive wins that I set for myself when I first signed up for the mastermind.

Angela Anderson

When I started, I was coming from a place of feeling immense pressure and tightening, especially in my business.  Working in the mastermind has validated my feelings and helped me, unwind, and create space for change and exploration of ‘what’s next?’ in a gentle, positive way. 

Get ready to finally step into the life of your dreams.

Start Living Your Best Life Now