Did you know I have videos on YouTube…?  ;)

With over a thousand videos on a huge variety of subjects – that have been viewed millions of times – chances are that is how you first heard of my work.  (Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel?  If not, please do so here!)

While these short videos are not a substitute for the specific work that can be done working one on one with a practitioner, they are offered as a more convenient and accessible resource. The notes I receive from folks on a daily basis about how these have helped them is very gratifying, and I hope you will likewise find these videos to be of great benefit in your quest to feel better, do better and live better.

These videos are also easy to share with others who could use some support.  In fact, the name of this website came from all the notes I’ve gotten saying, “I share your videos all the time, telling people to ‘tap with Brad’.”

Check out my videos here. 

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A number of my videos have been translated into different languages.  
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