What do you want to make happen in your life...?

Whether the successes you want to achieve are personal or professional… physical or financial…

Whether you want to change the world or simply be happier (which, I believe, changes the world)…

the person who can do it is already inside of you.

Let me help you set that person free.

One-On-One Coaching

Personal coaching is ideal for getting maximum results in creating the life you really want.

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"Brad has the easiest, friendliest, most articulate way of presenting EFT I’ve ever seen. It’s simple, practical, and fast. Plus he’s a hoot to work with."

Dr. Joe Vitale
Author,”The Attractor Factor” and star of “The Secret”

Speaking Engagements

Have you got a group that you’d like to help achieve greater success, happiness and well-being? Bring me in to work with them! From a one hour talk to a full or multi-day workshop on breaking down the barriers to greater performance, success and happiness, I’m happy to share this work with your group live and in-person, or by phone or Skype.

The fee will depend upon a number of variables, including length of presentation, type and size of group, and any travel considerations.

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Workshops, Teleclasses & Group Coaching

I love doing group work!

•  There’s great energy in a group!
•  I am able to reach more people at one time
•  The format helps the participants because sometimes what we aren’t consciously aware of as something we need to address is voiced by someone else
•  They make it easy for me to make this work more affordable for more folks
•  They often provide consistent ongoing support
•  They’re fun!

My classes are interactive – we deal with what is showing up for the participants. It is often remarkable how the issue voiced by one person affects most if not all of the participants – because there is a shared energy, and the class is a co-creation. Live teleclasses are part of my membership program: Advance. This is a great resource for cultivating a successful mindset. Check it out here: Advance. I offer other live events and teleclasses from time to time, and those will be listed on my Events Calendar.

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When asked how he produced such marvelous sculptures, Michelangelo responded that he saw the subjects already there – perfect – inside the marble, and that he then just chipped away all the stone that didn’t belong, revealing the masterpiece within.
During our transformational work together, you will likewise acknowledge the masterpiece that is already inside you, and clear away the stuff that doesn’t belong.
Success and happiness are your true nature. As you reveal the real you, as you allow yourself to believe in yourself and what you are capable of, you naturally think and perform more successfully – and live more joyfully.
• More fulfilling relationships 
• Better performance (career, sports, academics, etc.) 
• Improved health 
• More money 
• Greater spiritual connection 
• More peace and happiness?
Where do you want to succeed…?

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