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Get 5 days of tapping videos for self-love, self-forgiveness, self-worth, self-confidence and self-compassion.

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Your Tap Into Your Best Life Workbook is the perfect accompaniment to this 5 day program.

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Finally start believing that you deserve greatness & clear the blocks that have been stopping you from being your best self all this time.

Do You Know
How Awesome You Are?

You were meant to do big things.. And you know it, don’t you? So… What’s stopping you from taking the steps necessary to do those things?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most likely the thing that’s keeping you from greatness is… YOU. 

Now, you’re probably thinking “That sounds ridiculous! Why would I stand in the way of my own dreams?”

The thing is that you have to deeply and completely love, honor, and respect yourself to fully embrace your greatness. And unfortunately, most of us have been programmed out of doing so for most of our lives… And often we’ve created our own negative programs!

So what does it take to love, honor, and accept yourself so that you can be ready for greatness? I’m glad you asked! In this free, self guided 5-day program, we will tap into:

  • Self love- when you love yourself more, you have greater freedom to treat others with love and to accomplish everything you’re capable of
  • Self forgiveness- because refusing to forgive yourself doesn’t serve anyone, but especially not you
  • Self worth- when you truly know that you’re worthy of greatness, then you are ready to accept it.
  • Self confidence- the more confidence we have, the more willing we are to take the risks that lead to great rewards.
  • Self-compassion- because you deserve to be caring and compassionate toward yourself as you build a life of greatness

As you clear your resistance to believing how awesome you really are, you’ll begin to see the world of opportunity that has been in front of you all along… And you’ll be ready to build the magnificent life of your dreams!

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Who’s this Brad Yates Guy, Anyway?

For 20+ years, Brad has been helping people tap through their blocks and into the best versions of themselves. He has been on YouTube for almost 15 years and now has over 200,000 followers and millions of views on his tapping videos. 

A lover of the classics, Brad calls his approach the Michelangelo Process, because the famous sculptor once said that the masterpiece was there all along and he just had to get rid of the excess marble. He has committed his life to creating videos, programs, live presentations, books and more to help people chip away at the marble to reveal the artwork inside of themselves.


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